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Professional Cosmetic Researcher & Developer, We are BonitoLab

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BonitoLab is a cosmetics research lab, and we are constantly suggesting and presenting new cosmetic formulas and cosmetic functions by customer’s needs.

In addition, BonitoLab is pursuing a global cosmetic market to grow with our valuable customers from our research, R&D, decorative business planning, marketing, sales, and product training based on global cosmetic trends.

Professional Cosmetic Researcher & Developer,

We are BonitoLab! We are offering detailed service for developing Cosmetic Processes.
We care for all cosmetic launching processes, from searching for ingredients,
developing the cosmetic formula and marketing support.

With BonitoLab, we are sure you can create and launch your brand’s cosmetic
with unique concepts and excellent cosmetics based on efficacy

1. Customer Cosmetic Planning

2. Launching Preparation

3. Launch and MKT Support

4. Sales Support

Our Project' Lists (FY 2021)

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